Friday, April 19, 2013

Jamaica Us Crazy

Last month David and I took our one-year anniversary/belated honeymoon trip to the beautiful island of Jamaica! We stayed 7 days in an all inclusive resort and had an amazing time. Saving up for a "real" honeymoon really paid off! Sorry it took me over a month to post pics - we'll just say "I was on Jamaica Time" :)

Those are just some of our favorite pics. To view the rest of our favorites, visit our Jamaica Facebook album!

Happy Friday, Mon!
C + D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday 4.18.13

This week, we're thankful for our life. Simple as that. There are so many in our country, Boston specifically, who's lives are tumultuous right now. We're thankful for another month, week, day, of our peaceful life.

We're thankful we get to eat dinner together every night.
And get to go to bed next to each other each night. 
And get to talk to, see, hug and kiss each other every day. 

We're thankful for our God, who's present in every traumatic event that occurs on this planet.

We're thankful for three of our friends celebrating birthdays today! 

We're thankful for the extra work we've been able to do this week to help us get ahead in our finances. House buying and Student loan paying-off are on the horizon!

I feel this post has been a bit useless, in light of all the monumental news going on right now, but for us, it's been a pretty ordinary week, and I'm so thankful for that. 
We're thankful we can just "be". 
It's so good to count your blessings, even when there's not much going on. 

Peace & Love,
C + D