Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This has been an unusual week to say the least. 

Without a doubt, the thing I'm most thankful for this week is the life of my Aunt Winnie. She was my grandmother's younger sister, and she passed away early Monday morning. We attended her funeral yesterday in Greer, and it was beautiful. Tearful as any funeral is, but wonderful. We sang Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art. Singing in the choir was her favorite thing, and what a joyful noise it was to hear everyone in the church singing those two classic hymns. I'm thankful for getting time to see my distant family (Aunt Winnie's children, and their children) that we don't get to see often. 

When I think of my Aunt Winnie, I think of peanut butter crackers. Seems silly, but it's what reminds me of her. When I was in college, Aunt Winnie and Uncle Cecil were right down the road in Greer, and occasionally I would get to go spend a night off-campus to hang out with them and my Grandma Young. And every time, without fail, Aunt Winnie would not let me go back to school without a "care package" full of sweets & snacks, and peanut butter crackers. The orange kind with peanut butter in the middle. At one point, I think I had 4 or 5 boxes in my pantry at school - because sometimes she would give me multiples! I think she would clean out her snack cabinet when I came. We would ride up to "The Clock" for dinner, and then spend time in the evening just laughing and carrying on, and she would make me play them a song on her piano. She was so kind, and encouraging, sweet, and even goofy, teasing my grandmother and Uncle Cecil about something. I always, always felt welcome in her home. It was such a treat to get away and visit with them. Her husband, my Uncle Cecil, passed away just as I was graduating from Clemson, so I got to attend his funeral with my mom as well a few years ago. BOTH of them were so special to us.

Funny enough, since college, I've kept orange peanut butter crackers in my pantry. It's a staple that my cabinet is never without. You can bet that it will be from here on out. And from now on, I'll smile whenever I open them, and remember fondly, my sweet Aunt Winnie.

I'm thankful too, for leniency in my job to allow me to take a day off to go to the funeral. 

I'm thankful for my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Max's hospitality in letting us stay with them in Columbia the night before so we didn't have to leave Charleston at 4:30 am! :)

I'm thankful for the gift of salvation. Thankful that I know, that I know, that I know Aunt Winnie is in heaven, reunited with Uncle Cecil and her other siblings that have passed, and is singing in the heavenly choir. I'm thankful for mine and my family's salvation - that one day we will see them again!

Peace and Blessings,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Greenville Weekend

Married Life Adventure #2 - Weekend getaway to Fountain Inn and Greenville.

Our sweet friends Jaimie and Ross tied the knot this weekend at a barn (aptly named the "Luv Shack") in Fountain Inn. It was a beautifully rustic wedding - complete with burlap, mason jars, lanterns, birds and paper flowers. They had such personal touches that were so sweet! (Plus, they used a lot of Dave Barnes favorite!) It rained off and on all day, but the clouds parted long enough for the beautiful ceremony and reception! I'd say their marriage has God's favor!

All the tables had these on them - and the design was different on each one

They even used my lanterns from our wedding! 

Twinkling Lights

Dancin' time!

I was in love with their cake! So sweet!

More handmade decor

Programs doubled as hand fans

Fingerprint Guest book

Looking a little weather-beaten after fighting off the rain!
(Hence the fuzziness of the camera - I think it got hit with a raindrop!)

Cutting the cake!

After the wedding, David and I headed to Greenville for the night, and enjoyed some quality time together. It's always so nice to get away! We woke up Sunday morning and walked down to Falls Park and hung out on the bridge for a while, then enjoyed some overpriced breakfast at Coffee Underground, before heading back to the hotel to pack up and head back to Charleston. We stopped at Columbiana Mall on the way home for some lunch and people watching window shopping. David read our book (the Hunger Games) to me all the way up and back, and when we got home - we couldn't stop! After briefly unpacking and settling in, we were back to more reading to each other (one of my favorite things we do). This time, while one was reading, the other was giving a foot rub - a great way to end a busy weekend!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Birthday Mrs. Cheri!

Today, we're thankful for David's mom, Cheri! It's her birthday and we love her!
She's the opposite of any "mother-in-law" stigma out there, being full of love, kindness, and joy (and the rest of the fruits of the spirit). I got lucky having her as a mother-in-law, and David's been blessed by her his whole life!

I'm also thankful for a husband who excitedly takes control of our finances! (If you know me, you know "excited" and "finances" would never be in the same sentence for me... unless "lottery" was also in that sentence). He cornered me into a "family budget meeting" last night. Although we are just a family of two (for the next few years, at least...), it makes me feel so cared for, protected, and loved to have a husband who is stepping into the biblical role husbands have as head of the household! AND, I hate money issues - talking about money, budgeting, etc. so I'm glad to know I can trust him to figure it all out - and just tell me when and what to to pay :) 
We decided last night to get on a strict budget to knock out my student loans in the next few years. I'm thankful for David's faith, that we CAN do this, when it seems like a mountain to me. 

On the coat tails of that blessing, I'm thankful that we have also been blessed to live a very comfortable lifestyle financially, due to both having full time jobs, and both doing work on the side. Thankful that we don't have to worry about putting food on the table and paying rent. 

I'm thankful for the upcoming weekend...we're taking a mini-adventure to Fountain Inn and Greenville to celebrate some great friends' wedding! So excited to spend some quality time together!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Congratulations, Mrs. Jones-Porter!

Today's a two-blog-post kind of day. This one goes out to the Porter Family!

This is Kathryn on my wedding day. Today is HER wedding day. She has become one of the most special friends I've ever had. Which is strange, considering we only lived in the same town for a few months. Since then, she's lived in Washington, DC and now North Dakota. But distance has not weakened this friendship one bit! She's my soul-sister. We were destined to be friends. She has one of the greatest spirits of anyone I've ever known. She fights for what (and who) she loves. She has passion for what she believes in. She wears 8 tattoos, all meaning something really special. (She also wears REALLY great clothes). She has really great hair. She ensures that her life is an adventure. She has an exuberant love for the ocean. She hails from a small town in Alaska, wearing her pride so naturally. She is brave to stand up for her family in the face of adversity. She is independent, confident, strong, and beautiful. 

She found her soulmate Zachary via friend-of-a-friend, and after meeting/dating via Skype for pretty much their entire relationship, they are getting married today. They finally have a home together. They have an adorable daughter, whom I'm convinced Kathryn was born to love. And they have a love story to tell the grandchildren one day. 

(Have I mentioned that they're all ridiculously photogenic?)

Their story is one of day-at-a-time victories, all leading up to this blessed day. Tearfully I say, I would give anything to be in Alaska with her, Zachary, MaeKennah, and all of the Joneses. I will meet them all one day. But until then, I will send my prayers, blessings, and good vibes all the way from Charleston.

So Kathryn and Zachary, here's to you! Kathryn, I've said it a million times, I love you, and Zachary, I have yet to meet you, but I already know I love you! Congratulations to the Porter family!

It's August!

We've been awaiting August for a while now - it's JAM packed with fun times and little adventures!
The Line-Up:
3 Weddings
(Kathryn & Zachary*, Jaimie & Ross, Peter & Morgan)

A Bunch of Birthdays 
(Mine included!)

Charleston Harbor Sail for two 
(Go Groupon!)

Mini-Vacay to Greenville
(Making a weekend out of one of the weddings)

Moving Caroline to College

Beth Moore Conference
(With Momma, Beth, Sissy & lots of other women I LOVE)

We're BOTH recording in a REAL studio for a REAL collaborative worship album.
(dream. come. true. Thank you Jenny Hugh!)

I'm already tired just thinking about it all! But GOOD tired. Excited tired. 
So be on the lookout for more frequent posts! :)

*This wedding is occurring TODAY. In Alaska. What I wouldn't give to be there....

**The Calendar above is a cute free printable for you! Courtesy of