Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday 5.30.13

Whew! I'll begin by saying I'm thankful it's almost June! :) Though I'm not sure June is bringing much of a reprieve in the busy-ness category...Going to have to work on that. We're supposed to slow down in the summer, right?

May has been a whirlwind...Seriously, how is it already the 30th? I've been off the blogging bandwagon pretty much all month (as per usual, I'm afraid to say. I just can't for the life of me find the time or think of something important enough to post more regularly) BUT that's also because we've had SO much going on in the real world lately! 

So, take this as our Month-of-May Update and List of thankfulness. :)

We're thankful for our dear friend, Devin, who graduated from USC this month! Been a long time comin'!

We're thankful for my awesome Momma, who celebrated another birthday this month! No, Momma, I won't tell them how old you are ;).

We're also thankful for my Momma's best buddy Beth, who also celebrated a birthday this month! We won't tell them how old you are, either :).
Momma & Beth with their beards at Beth's
Duck Dynasty birthday party! 

We're thankful for this beautiful weather lately! THIS is why we live in Charleston. 

We're thankful for our Health! Thankful for our Great Physician and Healer.

We're thankful for our Mothers - and that we got to spend time with BOTH of them on Mother's Day. 

We're thankful for being a part of our precious niece Lyla's first trip to the beach! Watching her take it all in was pure joy. 
Watching the wave coming!
Just LOOK at those little running legs! :)

We're thankful for the opportunity we had this year to lead our Student Band at LifePark. This past Sunday was "Student Sunday" and they got to lead worship for all three services! And, let me tell you, we felt like Proud Parents! Watching them grow in the Lord and grow in worship since last August was so rewarding - all to culminate in watching them lead our whole church body in worship (excellently, I might add!) was so rewarding. So we're SUPER thankful to have had that role in their life!

We're thankful for all the extra work we've been doing. (Eww, what?) No, we're not always thankful in the moment, but in the big scheme of things, we ARE thankful for all the side jobs both of us have been getting, to help us get ahead in our savings a little bit! And both of us love what we do, so it's not bad :)

We're thankful for all of our great veterans who fought and died to give us the freedom to live the way we do! We don't have to only appreciate and honor them on Memorial Day!

I'm personally thankful for quality time I've gotten to spend with special, Godly women this month! I got to spend a few hours with my Mother in Law one day, and a few hours this past Saturday with my best bud Jenny. I admire both of them so much and truly, truly enjoyed having "Girl talk" with both! So blessed to have these two as such important women in my life!!

David's thankful for: "My new job [still] - Working for a good company that has owners that care about their employees. And for my beautiful wife!" (awww...Can I add that I'm thankful that he responds to my "What are you thankful for" texts each time I make a TT post!?)

Peace & Blessings,
C + D

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  1. I'm thankful for you too friend! I loved our time together too! We need to do that more often!