Thursday, April 10, 2014

We're going to Guatemala!

Hello Dear Friends & Family!

As you may or may not know, David and I will be traveling to Guatemala in July. We will be going with a group of about 8 others from our church, led by Kristen & David Patrick (It's a family affair, y'all!). 

David has been on a few international mission trips before, and said that they were lifechanging experiences for him. He has traveled to Panama once and Nicaragua twice. Courtney has never been out of the country on missions, but has participated in several trips stateside, which have also been incredible. Since going on those trips in the past, both of us have had the itch to go back. 

We've known our church goes on several trips a year, and the desire to go was always in our minds. We have just been waiting on the "Go" from the Lord, trusting that He would tell us when He wanted us to go. It was actually a very quick decision! David and I both just thought one day, "The July trip. That's the one". Since making the decision, God has perfectly aligned everything for us to go on this trip.  David had to renew his passport, and it came in earlier than expected. We both got approved for the full week off work... paid! He has already begun to reveal himself to us - and we haven't left U.S. Soil yet! We feel so blessed to be called into the global mission field. We can't wait to get outside of our "home" and spread the good news of Jesus Christ! 

We will be serving a small, unreached people group called the Chorti, in a tiny mountain village named Chanco, high in the Mountains of Guatemala. We don't know the specifics of what exactly we will be doing yet, but we're trusting the Lord. Another team from our church is actually returning from the same village soon before we go, so we look forward to getting some more direction, suggestion, and guidance from them.

Here's where we need YOU! Will you prayerfully support us? Please know, that our number one request is prayer. To cover us and our team in prayer as we travel and serve - that God will protect us and bless our efforts as we minister; and to cover the Chorti people in prayer - to have open ears, eyes, minds, and hearts to the grace and glory of the Gospel. We serve a BIG God who LOVES hearing from His Children - so please pray for us!

Our other need is financial... Any trip out of the country is costly, so we are asking our family and friends to consider helping us out a little! Would you consider making a small donation to help fund our trip? A donation of any size will help! You can donate online by clicking the "Give Now" button at the top right of this page, or you can mail checks to First Baptist Church Mt. Pleasant, 681 McCants Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 and include "David & Courtney Irvin - Guatemala" in the memo line. Either way you would like to donate is great with us - we try to make it easy. 

We are so grateful for our huge support system of family and friends! We thank you sincerely in advance for your prayers, your donations, and your love. 

With faith & gratitude,
David & Courtney

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