Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worship in the Round

I'm in a worshiping mood today. Could be because of the new series we're in at LifePark. The Sermon series is called authentic, and we're calling the set-up "Worship in the Round". We are cutting to the heart of worship. The heart of Jesus. Without all the lights, environmental effects, full band, sound, etc. While I love all of that - I must say my favorite style of worship is acoustic... A guitar, a cajon, maybe a fiddle, etc. All just sitting around worshiping. So, I'm LOVING this series we're in. We even took the stage apart at church - and set up a mini area in the center of the room, with all the chairs in a big circle around it. I love the "homey" feel. More intimate, more authentic, more comfortable and laid back. Not a big production, just worship. And bonus, I didn't have a mic last week, so I had both hands free to lift up! If you know me, you know that when I worship, I just can't keep 'em down. :) At first, both David and I were a bit apprehensive because we thought "What? No Mic? People are going to wonder why we're just standing here singing with no mic. David didn't have his guitar, I don't have my mic, This is going to be super awkward." But, I just trusted the Lord, and trusted our fearless leaders who are trusting the Lord, that this was going to work. And did it ever! It was one of the most worshipful services I've experienced in a long time. I LOVED it. David loved it. The church loved it.  And I KNOW Jesus loved it! :)

A few pics from our first weekend: (Thanks to friends and Facebook!)

Rehearsal before the services.

Husband.  Love watching this man worship!

Aerial view!
I'm so excited for the next few weeks of worship. Such a fresh new take on sunday mornings. So real. Come be a part of it! Get in touch with one of us if you'd like to join us one week!

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