Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday 1.10.13

Been a while since I've posted one of these! 

I'm thankful for my flowers! Shameless Bragging: David had not one, but TWO bouquets of flowers waiting on me last night when I got home! Yellow and White Daisies in a vase, and pink daisies in a pot, to plant in the yard! He knows me so well. I LOVE getting flowers! So thankful to have a man who's still bringing me flowers (quite often) 4 years later! :)

I'm thankful for my spiritual family. I don't mean the whole body of believers, or even my church - I mean my inner circle - Husband, Dad, Mom, Sisters, etc. Had a great conversation with daddy last night about accountability and getting in the word. And I just realized, how AWESOME is it, (and, rare in this day and age) that I have an entire family who loves Jesus, and loves talking about Him? 

We're thankful that the Holidays are over. Not in a bah-humbug way, but just so that we can get back to a normal routine. Christmas and New Years are full of fun and parties and laughter and presents and busy-ness....but they're exhausting! :)

Speaking of New Years...I'm thankful that the Tigers WON the Bowl Game!!
(albeit by the skin of their teeth..but hey, a W's a W!)

David's thankful for his new grill - and, heck, I am too! We've eaten some delicious steaks, pork and bbq chicken. He loves to grill (what man doesn't?) and I love grilled food! On the menu tonight? Grilled fish, Corn & Asparagus. YUM!

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  1. And I am thankful that I have all the Fraylick's and Irvins and Patrick's in my circle of spiritual friends. I didn't see a follow button so I will just have to pop in occasionally to see what's up.

  2. Hey! I've tried to figure out how to add a "follow" button. I think I've done it... Added a "Join this site" button at the top. Thanks for popping in! :)