Monday, July 29, 2013

Making a Switch

You all know that David and I have been very plugged in to our church, the Church at LifePark for the past few years. We've been student ministry adult leaders, worship team members, student band leaders, bible study members and I do a lot of design work for the church.

But in recent months, David and I have really been wrestling with where God wants us. We have been questioning where we can do the most good in ministry. Where we can be used best. Where we will grow the most. We've been asking and searching for a clear vision of where the Lord wants us in this season of our life. The idea of changing churches began forming. Is LifePark still the best fit? Should we go back to McCants? Or, should we search for a new church all together, maybe closer to home? Are we really open to what the Lord is asking? What is He asking?

Since then we've felt a stirring that God might want us to go back to our original campus, First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant, (aka McCants) in the Old Village. So we began to pray. Unbeknownst to us, so did a few of the staff members. How COOL is it, that while we were praying about this decision, a few of the staffers were also chatting about us, and praying about us. (FYI: That's a God thing.)

After all this seeking and waiting and praying and resisting and accepting and second-guessing and getting excited and questioning and committing (yes, we ran through all of those stages), our answer was clear: go back to FBC McCants Campus.

We feel the Lord leading us to be foundational in the young adult ministry that's springing up over at McCants. (Check us out on Facebook and join us!) We have been a part of a small group for a while now, and have really loved watching it grow. We also know we can bring our gifts in worship to McCants, and step in there when needed. You all know our passion is worship, and we feel God calling us to help further the worship service over there, in whatever capacity we are needed. 

We feel like we helped plant LifePark, and were a part of getting it off the ground a few years ago, and we hope we have helped to further the Kingdom out there. I have no doubt there are people waiting in the wings to fill our void. But at the end of the day, we really feel confident in our decision to commit to McCants, at this stage in our life. We feel the call, and feel confident that we're being obedient. We love LifePark, we just aren't sure it's where we're supposed to be serving in this season. After speaking with Julianna yesterday (LifePark worship leader, my role model and my buddy) I felt her blessing and a peace. Then we spoke with Chip last night (McCants Associate Pastor, another role model and friend) and felt even MORE confident in our decision. Still, it will be a major transition, and we will miss the relationships and people and environment and everything out at LP. Mainly the relationships. It makes us sad to think about not seeing all of our friends and loving on each other each week. (So pray for us in that, will you?) Although we've already formed really great relationships back at McCants, we'll still miss our LP family. 

So for the LifePark-ers who may be reading, don't worry, we'll still be around, and will definitely pop-in every once in a while. And if you miss us, we're still a phone call away! And remember, we're one church, with two campuses, so we're still the same body. LP Ladies - keep me in the loop! :)

And for the FBC McCants friends, we hope you'll be ok with seeing our faces a lot more often. We can't wait to do life with you!

Will you pray with us and for us? We're so excited for this coming season. We're excited to be on board with what God's doing in the local church!

Peace & Blessings,
C & D

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