Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Congratulations, Mrs. Jones-Porter!

Today's a two-blog-post kind of day. This one goes out to the Porter Family!

This is Kathryn on my wedding day. Today is HER wedding day. She has become one of the most special friends I've ever had. Which is strange, considering we only lived in the same town for a few months. Since then, she's lived in Washington, DC and now North Dakota. But distance has not weakened this friendship one bit! She's my soul-sister. We were destined to be friends. She has one of the greatest spirits of anyone I've ever known. She fights for what (and who) she loves. She has passion for what she believes in. She wears 8 tattoos, all meaning something really special. (She also wears REALLY great clothes). She has really great hair. She ensures that her life is an adventure. She has an exuberant love for the ocean. She hails from a small town in Alaska, wearing her pride so naturally. She is brave to stand up for her family in the face of adversity. She is independent, confident, strong, and beautiful. 

She found her soulmate Zachary via friend-of-a-friend, and after meeting/dating via Skype for pretty much their entire relationship, they are getting married today. They finally have a home together. They have an adorable daughter, whom I'm convinced Kathryn was born to love. And they have a love story to tell the grandchildren one day. 

(Have I mentioned that they're all ridiculously photogenic?)

Their story is one of day-at-a-time victories, all leading up to this blessed day. Tearfully I say, I would give anything to be in Alaska with her, Zachary, MaeKennah, and all of the Joneses. I will meet them all one day. But until then, I will send my prayers, blessings, and good vibes all the way from Charleston.

So Kathryn and Zachary, here's to you! Kathryn, I've said it a million times, I love you, and Zachary, I have yet to meet you, but I already know I love you! Congratulations to the Porter family!

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