Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August!

We've been awaiting August for a while now - it's JAM packed with fun times and little adventures!
The Line-Up:
3 Weddings
(Kathryn & Zachary*, Jaimie & Ross, Peter & Morgan)

A Bunch of Birthdays 
(Mine included!)

Charleston Harbor Sail for two 
(Go Groupon!)

Mini-Vacay to Greenville
(Making a weekend out of one of the weddings)

Moving Caroline to College

Beth Moore Conference
(With Momma, Beth, Sissy & lots of other women I LOVE)

We're BOTH recording in a REAL studio for a REAL collaborative worship album.
(dream. come. true. Thank you Jenny Hugh!)

I'm already tired just thinking about it all! But GOOD tired. Excited tired. 
So be on the lookout for more frequent posts! :)

*This wedding is occurring TODAY. In Alaska. What I wouldn't give to be there....

**The Calendar above is a cute free printable for you! Courtesy of

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