Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We're both thankful for the heavenly weather we've had in Charleston this week! 
(And perhaps a bit un-thankful we've been stuck at work instead of out enjoying it!) :)

I'm thankful for David's ol' faithful blue truck - My jeep has decided it doesn't like to idle, so it just cuts off. So I'm thankful David has a work van, so that I can drive his truck, until he has time to fix my car!

We're both thankful for 6 months of wedded bliss! That's right, this tuesday was our 6-month anniversary :) I know all of you that have been married for years think "that's nothin'!" but to us it's a milestone! If the rest of our lives go like these past 6 months have been, it's going to be a really great life!

I'm thankful for a new phone that was F R E E ! I was due for a new contract/upgrade, and accidentally left my little pink phone out in the rain...on that Isaac monsoon day we about an "Oops"! 

We're both thankful for getting to record our LifeSongs in a REAL studio (thanks to Joey Cox and Jeff Hodges at Charleston Sound)! So much fun, to feel like celebrities for a minute, all the while recording WORSHIP songs that mean so much to us! Something both of us checked off our bucket lists.. and we got to do it together! Will let you know when the recording comes out. Our friend Jenny is putting together an album for something, but is keeping the purpose of it all a surprise! 

I'm thankful it's FOOTBALL SEASON! In our house, it's a bit backwards. It's the wife in this relationship who's the football freak. David's coming around too - he puts up with my Clemson football obsession, and He even gets into the games now and has added lots of orange to his wardrobe! 

David's thankful for two families. I have to agree with him, it IS great having two families. And, we may be a little biased, but we both have super awesome, Godly families who love us and teach us a lot. I love that both of our families are "family people" - so often families only see each other on holidays or special occasions, but with our families, we love to all spend normal days together! We really do life together, and David and I are so thankful!

David's thankful for his new "Zombie and Angry Wife Protection" (his exact words). Aka, his new rifle. He went to the gun show this past weekend and got this new big scary looking thing. He's going up to a friend's property this weekend to shoot things. Boys and their toys. :)

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