Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oops...been a while!

I posted a while back about how busy August was going to be. Turns out, it was!
So rather than writing a TON about everything, I'll just post a couple pictures from all our our August Adventures that I have neglected to blog about!

Morgan and Peter's Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stone - such a special couple to us!

Mrs. Irvin and Mrs. Stone!

 The College Kids

Our Josh is now a real life Knob! Go Citadel!

And Caroline is off at Carolina!

Court's Birthday

Silly David at my birthday party...didn't want to get out of the pool even though it was raining!

Me and Caroline at my birthday party!

Afternoon Sailing

Bought a Groupon for an afternoon Catamaran sail!

Enjoying the afternoon on the water

And hubby was in charge of the cooler :)

Beth Moore Living Proof Live

At the Beth Moore Conference...our seats were SO close!

Awesome Worship time with my mom and sister!
Those are the highlights as of late...will try to be better about posting this month!

the Irvins

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