Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Almost forgot! It's....

We're both thankful for the cooler weather we've had this week! David's been getting off at reasonable times in the afternoons, and I got to wear a scarf and leggings on Tuesday! :) 
We also got to take the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood last night. It was SO nice!

David's thankful for "the ability to worship freely, and the ability and opportunity to lead others in worship. I'm thankful for my musical talent, the ability to sing and play the guitar. And the passion that Jesus has put in me to do it". (Can I get an amen!? Needless to say, I'm thankful for a husband with a passion for Jesus!) 

On the coattails of David's gratitude... We're both thankful for the quality time we've spent together in worship, in our home this week. How rare is it that God gives you a mate with the same spiritual gifts and passions? Beyond divine intervention - Perfect Divine Planning!

We're both thankful for having the means to travel! Clemson last weekend, Camping next month, and our honeymoon in March is paid for! Woo hoo! We have enough in our savings - now we just have to pick the place. Taking suggestions for somewhere tropical :)

We're both thankful for 7 months of wedded bliss - as of today!

Short list this week, but they're all really great things :)
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