Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go Tigers!

Married Life Adventure #3 - Clemson!

Last weekend, we {finally} got to go back to God's Country - Clemson! 
Last year, I'm ashamed to admit we didn't make it up there for a single game because we were saving for the wedding. But this year, it had to be a priority! 

It was a perfect weekend! Huge thanks to Lauren and Emily for letting us crash in their apartment for the night! Being back in a college apartment brought back so many memories. The whole weekend really. After stopping for a photo op of an empty stadium Friday night, we braved the college bar scene for a quick drink, and while the people watching was fun, and a cold beer was good, we were reminded that's just not our cup of tea!

Saturday was a day to remember! It was one of those days that everything got done that we wanted to do! I told David on the ride home, usually you leave a place thinking "Man, I wish we could have done so and so...but we just didn't have time", but this trip, we did everything we wanted! Got to visit Pot Belly Deli for breakfast (a staple), Got Moses a football jersey (it's a little tight), Got me a hoodie (it's a little big), a coffee mug (it was on sale b/c of a tiny little chip!), and David a new Clemson hat (it's camo). Then, we got to go to a couple tailgates, and pick up our tickets...again, HUGE thanks to Lauren for scoring us student tix!

The game itself was awesome too! After a hot 1st quarter, the sun went behind some clouds and the rest of the afternoon was beautiful! Our tickets were in front of the band, but I really wanted David to experience "The Hill" - so we snuck under the railing and on to the hill. I made sure we entered early enough to inch our way to the front lines where the players run down. We inched...and inched... and finally made it! We got to watch Dabo run, high five the players and be under a cloud of orange balloons as they made their way down the hill. David got an awesome video on his phone! I was so excited for him to experience all that. Now, I KNOW he's got a little orange in his blood :)

Enough talk - here's some pics from the weekend!
making our way to the center of the hill...

getting closer...
and closer...
we made it!

front line! no better spot in the whole stadium!

My handsome hubby :)

and me (disregard random guy in the back...maybe should have cropped this one)

the sea of orange!

and the other side

No place like Death Valley!

About to score!

HUGE props to hubby for catching this TD shot!!

the gorgeous sky over Death Valley!

hot, tired and happy for a Tiger Victory!

Great Victory = Rushing the field!

c + d

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  1. Great post! Love all the photos! Miss Clemson a ton, but we'll be up that way soon enough....