Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Round-up

2012 was filled with high points, low points, challenges, rewards, emotion, love, life, work, play, rest, prayer, and adventuring. So I've made a little round-up of our year :)

Favorite Picture: This One!

Favorite Month: March 2012 (obvious choice!)
Our Wedding! 11 years and 2 months after first meeting, we became husband and wife. The day was perfect - the weather was perfect - the ceremony was perfect - and our mini-moon was perfect! (Until we both came home with the flu, but we were warned - when you're married you share everything!)

Least Favorite Month: November 2012
The darkest month of our year. We lost David's Great Aunt Coleen, My Grandma Fraylick and My Grandma Young - all within a 9 day period. Seems unbelievable? Yeah, it was tough to swallow. BUT, by the Grace of God, and the LOVE He showered on us, we made it through! And we can rejoice that all three of these beautiful women are in Heaven!

Favorite Meal: Chicken Stir Fry with Peppers & Pineapple
One of David's Specialties - we discovered that adding pineapple to chicken teriyaki stir fry gives it so much more flavor. We made this meal most often this year!

Favorite Restaurant: Miyabi's Sushi Bar!
We may or may not have a standing VIP discount. And, we may or may not have received a Christmas card from them. And, Sota, our favorite sushi chef, may or may not be bringing us a present from Japan when he goes in January. :) Let's just say, it's like our second home!

Favorite TV Shows: Hart of Dixie & Revenge; Dexter & Walking Dead
I'm sure you can guess which shows belong to which of us. 

Favorite "Bucket List" Item Checked off: Recording in Studio!
I've blogged about it before, but we got to each go into Charleston Sound Recording studio to record our Life Songs for a real album! Super cool experience - and fun thing to do together with each other, and our friend Jenny!

Favorite Weekend Activity: Getaways & Mini-Vacations!
We LOVE to get out of town and spend some quality time together. Since getting married, we've been to Myrtle Beach for a quick weekend, Clemson for a Game, Camping in North Carolina, and to Greenville for a weekend.

Favorite Worship Songs: How He Loves (David), How Deep the Father's Love (Court)
We chose these two songs as our life songs this year. If you want to know the reasonings, just ask us sometime!

Favorite Accomplishment: No Wedding or Honeymoon Debt!
With the help of my parents, David and I were able to pay for the majority of our wedding, and save up enough to completely pay for our upcoming honeymoon. All without having to sell anything or open any credit cards. Apparently, wedding debt is really common. We're pretty proud of ourselves that we made it all work out beautifully!

Favorite Overall Moment of the Year: Getting Married!
By and large, in the future, when we think of 2012, we'll undoubtedly think "Our Wedding".  So it will always go down in the books as one of the best years of our lives! As our pastor Chad says, it's the second most important decision of your life (behind accepting Christ as your Savior). I think we made the right choice ;)

On the calendar for 2013? 

Honeymooning in Jamaica in March! Looking like it's going to be a great year!

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!!

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