Wednesday, December 5, 2012

For Gramma, and Grandma, with Love.

Confession: I've been avoiding the blog. I had all these grand plans to blog about what all I was thankful for on Thanksgiving, but, life changed quickly. Because so much has happened in the last few weeks, I didn't know where to even begin. What to share, and what not to share about what we've been going through. But, writing has always been therapeutic for me, specifically prayer-writing. So, I've been relying on the old ink and paper more so than keyboard and internet. 

But, I think my prayer from Saturday morning sums up all of my family's feelings pretty well. Where we are right now. So, rather than try and figure out what else to write, I'm just going to give you an excerpt of my prayer. Maybe you could pray it along with us!

Lord, what a week. I thank you that your mercies are new every morning. Especially this morning. Yesterday was the end of our longest week. It's the first morning of peace - not having to anticipate a death, or prepare for a funeral. It is finished. Both Grandmas are laid to rest, and happily rejoicing with you, and reunited with their husbands. We praise you for their life and for their death even. I praise you for their salvation. I praise you for both beautiful services. I praise you for Dr. Dillon's clear preaching of the gospel yesterday - I pray it planted a seed in any unbelievers that were there. I praise you for the gift of worship you've given David and I - and the strength you gave us to sing it over my Grandmothers. I praise you for your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us. I know you never left us this week. I could feel you in every minute, every action, every decision. I praise you, that I and my family can truly say - we felt your peace. That peace that passes all understanding. Despite our overwhelming sadness, there were times anyone would expect us to be crying, but we weren't. I know that was Your hope. Your joy. Your peace that you gave us to walk through this fire. I praise you, Jesus, for how much of Grandma Young fills my home. I praise you for the special time I got to tell Gramma Fraylick I love her, and got to say goodbye to her. And after this tough week, I praise you for my salvation, without which, I would never be able to offer this prayer of praise and gladness to you. 

The rest of the prayer is more personal, so I'll just leave you with that. We will miss our grandmothers tremendously, but we're really doing ok! The overwhelming support, prayer and love we've been given have been incredible! We have definitely felt the body of Christ surrounding us through the whole Journey. Thank YOU to those who have reached out and loved on us... it's kept us going! :)

Some of my favorite and most recent pictures of my Grandma's are below. Enjoy!

Gramma Fraylick a few Christmases ago. She LOVED Christmas!
At Church on Easter Sunday- in her Favorite Pink outfit!

Didn't get a picture with her on our wedding day, but I'm SO thankful my friend Kim got this shot of her and David.

Grandma Young LOVED to dance. This was at my cousin Julie's wedding a few years ago.

This is Grandma Young's sister and brother in Law Winnie and Cecil, who are both also in Heaven with her!

And this - the grand finale - is the side of Grandma Young that friends rarely saw, but we saw all the time!

With full and thankful hearts,
C + D

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