Friday, July 13, 2012

Scrap Wood Sign

I've recently been helping my sister renovate her main Children's Ministry room at Church, and we're just about done! One mural to go {tomorrow}! Being the crafter I am, I'm always looking for scraps - and last weekend, during the clean-up - I lucked out with two long pieces of smooth wood and 2 rectangles that I can paint signs for my house on! I'm a crafter, not a builder, so I don't know what this wood is called, but it's about 1/4" thick and really smooth. 

Anywho, I decided to paint a sign to hang above my closet doors last night! Our room is Robin's Egg & Gray, and one of our favorite bands is Mumford & Sons, so I chose to do stripes, with Mumford lyrics - "Where you invest your love, You invest your life". See all my pics! 

Original board (already primer-ed white!) I decided to not do another coat of white, so it would have a little rustic feel, since it was a thin layer, it looked worn.

Measured and made tick marks at 1" all the way down.

My masking tape was just a bit too narrow, so I had to use 2 pieces to get it 1" thick. I made my stripes go from one tick mark diagonal to the one 2 inches over from the top one. 

Painted it blue & pulled off the tape!

I used to scrapbook a lot, and had these blue letters. You use the actual letter in the scrapbook, but then you have these great border stickers. So I decided to make those my words. (Cheater, I know)

For special words in the phrase, I freehanded these to make them stand out.

The finished product! Sorry the pic is so small, but the board's about 6 ft long, so it was impossible to get the whole thing really well. If you click on it, it gets bigger.

Will post a picture when Hubby actually gets it hung on the wall!

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