Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the opportunity I had this past Sunday to share my LifeSong and LifeVerse at church! (Will be posting an entire entry about it soon!)

I'm thankful for a husband who works SO hard. I realize I say this almost every week, but summers are his busiest time of year, (obviously, for an A/C man in Charleston). He has worked tirelessly all summer, putting in no less than 10 hour, usually more like 12 hour days. 

I'm thankful that we have the ability to attach memories to songs.
(Example: Spice girls takes me straight back to 6th grade; Hanson, more like 4th grade. You get it.)
Feeling particularly nostalgic this week, I checked out "Reba, #1's" from the library. Popped it in my computer at work, and listening to her early 90's hits, I was immediately back in my mom's suburban on the way to Fripp Island to visit Grandma as a kid. I guess we always used to listen to Reba in the car? Anyway, I LOVE the feeling you get when a song takes you back to a precious memory. At the time, I thought nothing of the songs on the radio in the car - I was just ready to get to grandma's. After a stop at Belk's on the way in to Beaufort, of course. Those were such trivial things then, that now, I treasure SO greatly. Times have certainly changed; grandma no longer lives down there, and we rarely take road trips together anymore, now that we're all grown. So, thanks Reba, for singing to my past, so I can remember those times in my present.

David says "I'm thankful for a lovely wife who loves me even if I haven't shaved in 10 days."

His muskrat face better be thankful! ;)
Peace & Love.

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