Monday, July 2, 2012

LOST, Party of Two.

David and I have recently been engrossed in a "LOST" marathon. We don't have cable, so we decided to start a DVD series marathon. David vetoed Dawson's Creek (much to my dismay), and I vetoed Dexter, so we decided to purchase a new series! We're a couple years late climbing onto the LOST bandwagon, but man, what an awesome show! Now I know why everyone went nuts about it when it came on tv! Anywho, for the finale episode, David had had a long day at work, so I decided to make it a little more fun, and do something nerdy special to make him smile, rather than just watching it as usual. (As if cuddling up together on the couch isn't fun enough!) 

Nerd Alert: I got a little over-excited, ha! Who says you need a crowd to throw a party? :)

If you don't know anything about the show, the premise is a plane crashes on an island. The survivors quickly learn it's not just any island - strange things happen there. And many people have been there before them. They're trying to piece together the reason they're all there, because they know it wasn't just any ol' plane crash - "destiny" brought them to this specific island. 

So, I decided to turn our living room into the island!

But first, we needed to be on the plane that crashed. So I went online and found "Oceanic Flight 815" boarding passes you could personalize! (Apparently, creating a finale party wasn't only my idea - there was tons of stuff online to create a LOST party) 

I brought all of our plants in from outside (disregard the pots and towels to keep dirt off our white carpet - they did NOT have those in the jungle!) to make our little island. I even used our bamboo salad tongs, straw placeemats and paper plates, a basket (lined with a glass bowl) for salad and just used a towel as our tablecloth. 

I marked our globe with a flight path and put "CRASH" where the island was. (Told you, I went overboard...but we're not even done yet.)

One of the things in the show they discovered was that there were 6 Stations all over the island, where people had lived and worked - they found out it was called the "Dharma Initiative" and supplies were air-dropped onto this island for the people. So, we had to eat Dharma food for dinner!
Ok, that's just the drinks, but we also had salad, Dharma Mac & Cheese, and Mr. Cluck's Fried Chicken! (One of the characters owned a fried chicken fast food chain - so I found that label online too, and transformed our Food Lion Chicken into Mr. Cluck's!)

Our place settings - complete with Apollo bars! (The candy bars from the show.)

I even dressed up like Kate (the heroin) and her "I've been stuck on an island for months and I'm still super hot with my long wavy hair and tough girl attitude" look. David especially loved that! ;)

All in all, it was a huge nerdy success! David got to relax after work and have some fun...and he laughed at me, but also said I was the best wife ever, and thanked God for "an amazing wife who isn't afraid to be silly for me" during our blessing - so it was all worth it! We had a great time. Who says you need a crowd to throw a party?? I thoroughly enjoyed our LOST party of two. 


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! I love it! Great job....

  2. Ummmm. I can't even believe you did all this. This is amazing. Chris and I are hooked on Prison Break right now.....but I don't know if making our living room into a prison would be the cutest thing ever. Bahaha.

    And good idea giving Dexter the veto. I started it a while back and never slept. Terrible.

  3. Haha... My creative friend... You inspire me! Love your thoughtfulness too!